Help with a sponsorship

Give children and young people hope and a future

Become a sponsor to provide children and young people with a happy childhood and the possibility to become their strongest selves!

  • 1200 BDT/Month – General Sponsorship
  • 1500 BDT/Month – Education Sponsorship
  • 2600 BDT/Month – Food Sponsorship
  • 5000 BDT/Month – Full Sponsorship

I want to Sponsor A Child:

If you become the full sponsor of a child or young person with us, you will receive their photo and a short profile, as well as information on the particular SOS Children’s Villages’ programme location.

Once a year you will receive a progress letter about the sponsored child or young person and at the end of the year, you will receive a second letter telling you about life at the programme location as well as another photo.

All data is encrypted and transmitted via a secure SSL connection. Rest assured that SOS Children’s Villages treats the data of the child and young person as well as your data confidentially – always.

Do you need help

We are happy to assist you in sponsoring or donating as well as answering any queries.

Nusrat Mukti

Donor Service Officer


Phone Number: 01719 686544

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