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Bata x SOS Children’s Villages alliance serves as a shining beacon of hope, exemplifying how compassion, resources, and expertise can come together to make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless children. With every step we take, Bata and SOS Children’s Villages walk towards a brighter, more inclusive future, leaving an indelible footprint of positive change in their wake.

Your donation ensures that these children – 

  • Grow up in a loving home with mother and a family
  • Happy childhood with siblings and complete care
  • Access to education, healthcare and nutritious meals

Happy Childhood At SOS Children's Villages

Our Work For Children In Bangladesh

We are working for children in Bangladesh since 1972. Children who have been neglected or abused are given the care they need. We work with families, communities, and our partners to ensure that every child can grow up with the love, support, and guidance they need. 

We have improved lives of more than 15000 children and youth. We are currently running 27 projects across the country with 3890 children presently under our care.

We are running 6 Children’s Villages located in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna, Chattogram, Bogura and Sylhet.

About SOS Children's Villages Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, SOS Children’s Villages started its activities in 1972 immediately after the war of independence with the consent from the then Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Six SOS Children’s Villages have so far been established in six locations in Bangladesh. The first SOS Children’s Village was established in Dhaka in 1972. Later on, five more SOS Children’s Villages were established in Rajshahi, Khulna, Chattogram, Bogura and Sylhet.

Learn How Our Programs Support Children In Need

In SOS long-term family care, a child gets a loving family.We ensure that a child has a good health and well-being along with quality education until a child becomes self-dependent. In SOS Family Care 8 to 10 children are brought up together. SOS families substitute families for children who have lost parental care and cannot live in their families of origin, and for whom a long-term placement is in their best interest. SOS families are headed by an SOS mother and are organised and supported by SOS Children’s Village and biological siblings are kept in the same family house.

Grown-up boys are shifted to SOS Youth Villages under the direct guidance of Youth Village in-charge. The boys of these projects are provided with higher education or vocational training on the basis of their interest and merit. SOS Youth Villages are rather a half-way house for the boys between SOS-Children’s Village and the society. The main objective is to help and guide them in the process of preparing through higher education and skill training and enabling to integrate into society as a law abiding, productive citizen.

We strongly believe that biological family is the best place for children to grow. Our top priority is to do everything possible so that children grow up in a loving, supportive environment with their own families. To do that, we support vulnerable parents by providing them short-term financial, medical and nutritional support, as well as long-term skills training for employment. Through such Family Strengthening Programme, we are providing services to empower the vulnerable families of the neighboring community to strengthen their capacity to protect and care for their children. Children are awarded educational supports, midday meal, life skills,awareness sessions/training, career planning and employability. The end result relating to the children are- The high rate of abandonment is going to reducing in the community. Develop awareness on child labour and bad impact of early marriage of the children.Rate of enrollment of the children in the educational institutions are gradually higher and dropout rate from school are reducing remarkably. Children are get rid of malnutrition.

For any individual the first five years of their life is crucial. These five years are the foundation that molds and shapes a child’s future health, happiness, growth, development and learning capacity. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have placed early child development on the global policy agenda for the first time. This intervention can have a lasting effect on intellectual capacity, personality and social behavior of children. Based on this belief, Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) has been established at all the six locations (Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Bogra and sylhet) of SOS Children’s Villages Bangladesh in the year 2017. Each Centre has been equipped as a Model ECD Centre. Total 150 children aged between 3 to 5 years are enrolled in these centres.6 experienced teachers trained by the experts of Early Learning for Child Development (ELCD) Project of Bangladesh Shishu Academy are an integral part of this project which was established by the support of HSBC Bangladesh.

To combat the schooling problem of children under SOS care as well as the neighbouring community, four SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools/Colleges in Dhaka,Khulna, Chattogram and Bogura are playing an exemplary role in providing top notch education. Every year Hermann Gmeiner Scholarships are awarded to students in three categories: Academic Excellence, Need Based and Outstanding Co-Curricular Achievement.

SOS Vocational Training Centers:

Two SOS Vocational Training Centres have been established in Dhaka and Chattogram to provide skill training for school-dropout/slow-learner boys of different SOS Children’s Villages and also for the non-school going boys of poor families of the society. One-year long training on Machinist, Electrical, Electronics, Automobiles and Carpentry are offered in these centres. These trainings allow the boys to develop different skills, which help them to find suitable employment opportunities.

Emergency Response:

The Emergency Response Programme of SOS Children’s Villages Bangladesh is focused on mitigating risk for children. In order to prevent children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence, SOS Children’s Villages Bangladesh provided Nutrition,Informal Education and Health Care Support to 350 children aged 3 to 8 years. These interventions were provided from 2018 to February 2020 through Five Child Care Spaces in Kutupalong and Balukhali Rohingya Refugee Camps.From March 2020 SOS Bangladesh started intervention for the host community of Ukhia,Cox’s bazar and the Child Care Spaces are handed over to Rohingya Refugee Repatriation Coordination (RRRC).741 beneficiaries from Host Community are receiving Education,Health Care Support and Awareness Raising training.

It started functioning in the year 1996 aiming to involve the youths of SOS Children’s Villages of Bangladesh and also the youths of the neighbouring community for self-employment and utilization of the local resources. The four key areas of concentration are: Raising Poultry, Animal Husbandry, Fish Cultivation and Agriculture. Till 2019, 424 youths have passed/graduated from this training centre. Types of training courses that are offered here are as follows:
✔ Four years agro-based training
✔ Six months agro-package training

SOS National Training Centre has been established in the year 1997 in the premises of SOS Youth Village Dhaka. Since the inception, the center is contributing extensively to develop the desired professional skills of Mlothers and Co-workers through organizing different training courses on the basis of the strategic goals of the organization.

This initiative empowers young people by giving them access to information with possibilities to learn, increase quality of education & build networks and communities. The ICT4D initiative comprises of the following segments:

Digital Village: Technology is an integral part of the 21st century, under the “Digital Village” initiative, all the family houses of SOS Children’s Villages around Bangladesh have been equipped with a computer kit at home along with secured internet connections.

Computer Learning Centres: These centers in all the facilities of SOS Bangladesh playing role to enhance the knowledge of our children about computer fundamentals, software applications, safer internet etc.

Mobile based intervention: Beneficiaries of this project are receiving SMS on Positive Parenting, Financial Literacy, Social Awareness, Health & Hygiene. This increases the knowledge of the beneficiaries on multiples levels.

SOS Children’s Village works in accordance with the UNCRC and is deeply committed in creating and maintaining an environment which promotes its core values and prevents child abuse and exploitation. We rigorously follow our own Child Protection Policy since 2008.This policy puts specific focus on internal mechanism to strictly prevent and respond to child abuse within SOS Children’s Villages. A very strong mechanism is in place to ensure child safeguarding at entire facilities of SOS. SOS Children’s Village strongly believes that “Child Safe Guarding is everybody’s business.

Advocacy has been given a special focus in the Strategy of SOS realizing the importance of positioning itself as a leading advocate for the rights of children who have lost or at risk of losing parental care, as well as those of their families. Influencing public policy and practice; organizational development and capacity building, knowledge building and dissemination; communication and media engagement; networking, partnership building and collective advocacy; child and youth empowerment; and public education and engagement are the priority areas for SOS Bangladesh. Currently SOS Bangladesh are the member of the following Networks and actively participates in various child rights focused activities together:
✔ Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF)
✔ Civil Society Alliance for Scaling Up Nutrition, Bangladesh (CSA for SUN)
✔ Citizen’s Platform for SDGs, Bangladesh
✔ Joining Force: Child Rights Now
✔ Child Welfare Board Rajshahi, Chattogram, Khulna & Bogur

Through our efforts together with partners, we aim to contribute to have an impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the global goals for peace and prosperity adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as part of its Agenda 2030. Five SDGs in particular are central to our work:

✔ SDG 1 – No Poverty
SOS Children’s Villages builds the capacities and resilience of families and communities to help break the cycle of poverty and exclusion

✔ SDG 4 – Quality Education
SOS Children’s Villages supports children and young people in accessing quality education from early childhood and basic education, through upper education and preparation for employability.

✔ SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth
SOS Children’s Villages works with trusted partners to provide access to post-secondary education, technical courses and mentorship programmes, and together we support young people in developing the employability skills and self-confidence necessary to become independent adults with decent work.

✔ SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities
SOS Children’s Villages advocates for policies and practices that ensure equal opportunities, nondiscrimination and social inclusion for all children. and young people.

✔ SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
SOS works to protect and safeguard children by families and strengthening building-up the capacities of child care professionals. We raise awareness of the factors that put children at risk of violence and advocate for improved protections for all children. We teach parenting skills and positive discipline techniques so that they can recognise and safely report abuse.

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